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Latest News
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1. Unique spatial and temporal scales of marketing programs: Chinese society and the world market 公開 market,marketing,行銷系,Brand
2. Reproduction of image analysis techniques 公開 market,marketing,brand
3. Brand story/lecture 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
4. TOEIC & TOEFL ITP 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
5. Golden Age — The 2nd graduation ceremony of Marketing Department 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
6. People are successful from hard work and honesty 公開 market,marketing,brand
7. Marketing department at Feng Chia University will be implementing professional courses in English 公開 market,marketing,brand
8. Marketing Majors Displaying Their Very Own Designs at City I-Fashion 公開 marketing,fashion
9. Congratulations! 2nd year students obtain “Professional Marketing Certification” 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
10. In The New Semester, 18 Students Of Marketing Department Will Participate In Principal Internships. 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
11. Marketing professional Luiz Moutinho shares his views on “Marketing Trend Prediction" 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
12. The Department of Marketing and Brick Steak(金磚) cooperate to create an opportunity for the future 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
13. Luiz Moutinho 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
14. Marketing Department anticipates they can follow the model of HTC’s process of brand marketing 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
15. Deconstruction of the future for unlimited visits to Economic Ecological Park 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
16. Sophomores take featured course on marketing and its characteristics 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand
17. The importance of posture and gestures 公開 marketing,行銷系,Brand