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Marketing Majors Displaying Their Very Own Designs at City I-Fashion

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Marketing Majors Displaying Their Very Own Designs at City I-Fashion Marketing Majors Displaying Their Very Own Designs at City I-Fashion

On June 6, 2013, marketing majors at Feng Chia University organized a fashion show called City I-Fashion, at which they exhibited their liveliness, enthusiasm, and creativity. On the plaza before Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall stood captivating show windows and a charity box with which they raised funds and invoices to help the needy. Teachers, students and guests visiting the show were welcome to enjoy warm hugs. The proceeds from the event would go to charity.
The department of marketing intended the fashion show to bring together teachers, students and guests, leading them to experience metropolitan beauty and define the academic styles of Feng Chia University. Led by department head Jian Shichao, the show integrated beauty and creativity with fashion. The majors modeled and showcased their very own designs, verbal or nonverbal, and the visitors were highly impressed by their professional performances.
16 teams of the marketing department cooperated harmoniously in organizing the show, each of them having a brand. Everything was done by the majors themselves. They named the show City I-Fashion not just because “I” is the first-person pronoun meaning that each individual himself or herself has unlimited potential, but because “I” is pronounced similarly to the Chinese character love. I-Fashion signified the ability to achieve and expressed the love and gratitude to the society, and that was why the majors made the show a bazaar, raised funds and invoices on the scene, and gave visitors warm hugs.
The plaza before Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall is mistakenly called Flunking Lawn; it is rumored that students walking across the lawn will fail. The marketing majors put all the amazing and interesting show windows on the plaza with the intention of helping the other students of Feng Chia University overcome fright in their hearts. They convinced them that love conquers all and a lot of students were heartened to donate money to help the disadvantaged.
Event coordinator Dai Peiyu said, “Our professors have wholeheartedly instructed us to organize the show so that we can exhibit boundless creativity and make the marketing activity a big success. Although we all have taken great pains to organize the show, it really pays. We have performed remarkably well thanks to the timely help and encouragement from many people and we will spread love to the society in return.”
Chen Jingan, one of the sponsors and Tzu Chi volunteers, said, “One purpose of education is to arouse the love rooted in human nature. Marketing majors at Feng Chia University are equipped with a great deal of expertise, and if they put it to good use, they will greatly contribute to the society.”