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Luis Moutinho

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Luis Moutinho Luis Moutinho


     Luis Moutinho from Glasglow University from Scotland, UK has agreed to come to Feng Chia University to be a guest speaker. Dr. Moutinho is the professor of marketing management at Glasglow University. Luis Moutinho and our very own Marketing director Shi-Chao Chien are old acquaintances, and Director Shi-Chao Chien feels it would be a great honor for Dr. Moutinho to impart his knowledge to us.
     Dr. Moutinho had a short amount of time but he efficiently used this time to have all the students break into groups to discuss many different marketing strategies such as Geo-fencing, Place casting, and so forth. He wanted us to break down the system, explain the reasoning behind it, and the pros and cons. With all the commercials flying around the typical consumer starts to ignore advertisements on television and local ads. With the new wave of consumers we must find out new and innovative ways to entice consumers into believing what we believe in. As Dr. Moutinho mentioned marketing has become a “Neuroscience” and we must think further ahead in order to be successful in Marketing.

     Having Luis Moutinho speak in front of us was a great honor and we hope to have him speak at Feng Chia many more times. Luis Moutinho has published hundreds of articles and over 30 books on management related fields.