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Designers from La Puda on marketing

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Designers from La Puda on marketing Designers from La Puda on marketing

On May 19th the marketing department will be having a guest speaker from La Puda. The guest speaker is designer 邵司 (Shao Shi) and will be giving a speech titled “The taste of Emotion”. Since the time designer Shao Shi was a student Shao has studied and adopted countless designs. Shao is very experienced when it comes to design. Through this speech Shao hopes to teach students the elements of marketing strategies through the experiences of the design industries. Designer Shao believes designers need to have the right design concept, and help customers increase sales rather than having an individual stage show. How different should individual design and marketing strategies be? We need to put ourselves in the positions of the clients, appeal to the masses, and meet the client’s demands while keeping the uniqueness of limitless imagination, to be able to consider it a successful design.