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Curriculum project

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Curriculum project Curriculum project


Focus on perception and cognitive learning
The current curriculum for marketing students is designed to promote two approach of  perception and cognitive learning. Learning the theories of marketing and marketing knowledge will promote cognition. Learning how to design brand experience and make branding decisions will promote perception. The curriculum will include creative course cases, concepts of Kant’s aesthetic theory, Zhu Guangqian’s ( 朱光) aesthetics, classical arts, and various tastes.
Aesthetic Perception is the core of marketing

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the perception of beauty. How are brand values affecting the prices of products? How will learning aesthetics help? Students in this program will learn to answer such inquiries. Even though marketing students understand the logic behind brand value, it is impossible to completely understand marketing. Learning how to apply aesthetic sense and how to cultivate it in our future works is the core of our strategy. There will be visits to multiple museums and sites including Museum of Natural Science, art galleries, the Coca-Cola museum etc…The tests, individual counseling, and final reports will all help with your aesthetic awareness.